Direct Purchase

Direct Purchase is the traditional approach to acquiring a WinLIMS system. Within this approach, a perpetual license is purchased as a capital purchase based on the number of concurrent users, optional modules and the implementation services and an annual software Support and Maintenance contract will be required to provide continuous support for bug fixes and updates.

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One-Time, One Transaction, Completely Yours

Most WinLIMS purchases are executed through outright purchase. If you are seriously considering the purchase of WinLIMS or require an approximate cost for budgetary purposes, just give QSI a call. But before you call, you’ll need to provide us with some background information in order to be as accurate as possible. To provide a reasonable estimate you’ll need to tell us:

1. The estimated number of concurrent users

2. Your Laboratory Type

  • Quality Control
  • Analytical Service
  • Research
  • Other

3. Your Industry

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Commercial
  • Clinical
  • Materials (e.g. plastics, paper, etc.)
  • Other

4. Interfaces

  • Instruments (number and type)
  • ERP (e.g. SAP, JD Edwards, Prism, etc.)
  • Process Control
  • Other

5. Optional Functionality

  • Shelf Life Stability
  • Quotations & Invoicing
  • Special Scheduling (by time or protocol)
  • Complaints & Corrective Actions
  • Document Management
  • Laboratory Materials Management
  • Instrument Quality Control
  • Formulation Management
  • Anything that you consider to be “special”

Why an Outright Purchase?

Outright purchase is the traditional approach to acquiring WinLIMS and is the way to go when capital funds are available, and you wish to obtain a perpetual software license.

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Lower Overall Cost

Purchasing our software outright is usually cheaper in the long run, even when you factor in additional costs for training, installation, and support.

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No Recurring Expense

When you pay for our software outright, you’ll never have to worry about monthly payments. You won’t be adding another fixed cost to your monthly expenses.

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When you purchase our software, it automatically becomes an asset to the business. A lease, on the other hand, is viewed as a liability. The software is also yours to keep for as long as you like.

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Favorable Tax Deductions

The IRS allows you to write off software purchases. If your business happens to be having a good year, buying will provide a better deduction than leasing.

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