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What differentiates QSI from other LIMS is our customer's satisfaction level with both our products and services. The evidence of this is clear from the direct feedback of customers. The level of customer satisfaction is fully documented within each year's Independent LIMS Watch Report that is sponsored by Scientific Computing. QSI doesn't just lead the industry in all categories of customer satisfaction, we crushed the competition! Here's just a few vital categories where QSI performed best:

Item QSI Customers Other LIMS
System Size (Multi-Site Systems) 79.2% 62.9%
Implementation is Effective & Successful 87.5% 66.3%
System Exceeded Expectations 54.4% 25.5%
Went 'Live' within 1 yr 75.0% 60.8%
Telephone Response within 5 Minutes 100% 58.9%
Support Team is Highly Knowledgeable 83.3% 53.7%
Internal Management 10 hrs or less/wk 75% 40%
Plan to Keep LIMS for 6 Years or More 50.0% 31.5%
Plan to Replace with a Different LIMS 0% 12.4%

Why is this important to you? You'll be living with your LIMS for many years, so you might as well use a system from a vendor that implements faster, supports better and lasts longer than any other LIMS in the market. WinLIMS can be scaled from a single user system to a multi-site system that can be simultaneously used by hundreds of people so it can grow as your business needs grow. If you're in the market for a LIMS we urge you to contact QSI for a convenient and comprehensive on-line demonstration of WinLIMS.