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Pharmaceutical & Medical
WinLIMS.NET™ includes standard features and controls and functionality to meet the rigorous demands of the world's governments that regulate this business sector. Some of the features that are included within the core and optional WinLIMS.NET™ modules that are specifically designed for the cosmetics & personal care business sectors include:

  • Electronic signatures in conformance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • High levels of role-based security
  • Training and qualifications option
  • Full trigger-based audit trails
  • Version controls for methods, specifications and protocols
  • A shelf-life stability management system
  • Complaints and corrective actions
  • etc.

QSI will provide our internal software validation documentation to you and your validation consultants to assist in your system validation process. Some of our current cosmetics & personal care products customers include:

MAC Cosmetics [1] Siegfried Ltd. [2] Estee Lauder [3]
Jergens [4] Boots Contract Manufacturing [5] BCM Cosmetics [6]

(the listing of WinLIMS.NET™ customers does not constitute and endorsement of WinLIMS or any QSI products or services)

WinLIMS Features & Options for the Cosmetics & Personal Care Industry

Some of the Standard WinLIMS.NET Features that are provided by WinLIMS.NET™ that are traditionally embraced bCosmetics & Personal Care Industry include:

Optional Modules for the Cosmetics & Personal Care Industry

Optional Modules that are specifically designed for Laboratories in the Cosmetics & Personal Care Industry include: