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* [ WinLIMS™ Cloud Data Sheet]
* [ WinLIMS™ Cloud Data Sheet]
* [  LIMS Watch Survey - 2005]
* [  LIMS Watch Survey - 2005]

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In order to help you with your LIMS evaluation, QSI is proud to offer the following documents for download. As several independent surveys make clear, the implementation success rate of WinLIMS™ and the level of QSI customer satisfaction eclipse every other LIMS supplier by far -- regardless of price. Our consistent track record of success and the inherent value of WinLIMS™ speaks for itself.

Being a highly-educated and astute shopper, we believe that you have the intelligence to make your own decision without being barraged with phone calls; so we'll leave it up to you to contact QSI when you're ready. We won't require you to 'register' just to get information and set you up for harassment by relentless calls by salespeople which is the tactic of other LIMS vendors. Just relax and read at your own pace. We're sure that when you think it through you'll come to the logical conclusion: The combination of technology, service, support, success and price makes WinLIMS.NET™ to only way to go.

WinLIMS Product of the Year

Since 1997 WinLIMS has been voted to be one of the top three LIMS products. This record of consistencey in success cannot be approached by any other LIMS.

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