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The survey respondents clearly identified QSI's WinLIMS.NET™ as being the most effective and successful of all commercial LIMS… by a wide margin! This is quite a statement when you consider that this is the feedback from actual users and is not hype generated by the imagination of the marketing department from some LIMS vendor.

The attempt to maniupulate your perception of most LIMS products by their marketing departments vs. the stark reality of implementation can be summed up with a simple joke:

Question: How many people does it take to demonstrate a LIMS?

Answer: ONE! (if it’s any good)

The reason we at QSI find this to joke be so ironically funny is that some buyers are actually impressed when a LIMS vendor performs a demonstration with a 'team' of people. Doesn't that seem ridiculous to you when you really think about it? Here you are looking to find an efficiency-enhancing tool that is supposed to be easy to use and yet it requires a 'team' of people to show the product and answer questions. If it takes a 'team' to simply demonstrate the software, just think of how hard it will be to implement!

Unlike these unweildy systems, WinLIMS.NET™ provides power and flexibility without a high degree of complexity. The reason is simple; WinLIMS.NET™ is designed better from its underlying architecture to the layout of its web pages.

So if you see a 'team' show up at your front door to demonstrate a LIMS you should be afraid... VERY afraid! The need for a team to simply demonstrate software highlights the complexity of the system and shows why such a high percentage of other LIMS fail when compared to WinLIMS.NET™.

Be successful... use WinLIMS.NET™