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(Quality Systems International Upgrade Special for WinLIMS Users** in the UK)
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Please contact us at ''' ''' and find out how we can help you!
Please contact us at ''' ''' and find out how we can help you!
=Quality Systems International Announces UK Partnership=
=Quality Systems International Announces UK Partnership=

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As products are released, new customers are added, training courses scheduled and other significant announcements become available, they will be listed here for review.

Quality Systems International Announces WinLIMS™ Web Client version 8.0

Ramsey, New Jersey (January 24, 2017)

Quality Systems International introduced WinLIMS™ Web Client v8.0 and will be presenting the product at the 2017 Pittsburgh Conference in Chicago, IL. Version 8.0 includes significant features that are unique to the WinLIMS Informatics system. The three key features that have been added and are included within the off-the-shelf software are Asynchronous Data Entry, WinLIMS Mobile Apps and Enhanced Page Design tools. These features have been added to enhance the system performance while making the system more generally accessible and configurable to accommodate today's diverse laboratory situations.

Quality Systems International at the Pittcon 2017

Ramsey, New Jersey (January 24, 2017)


We will be attending Pittcon-Text-23.jpg, the Annual Pittsburgh Conference in Chicago, IL (Mar 6-9). We invite you to stop by our booth (Booth 2916) to see a demo WinLIMS version 8.0 or just swing by to say hello. In addition to discussing the functional features of the product, we'll be discussing the benefits of using WinLIMS on the Cloud in order to simplify the maintenance of the software in an economical way. Three new product features that you can have demonstrated that improve the performance and effectiveness of WinLIMS include; 1) Asynchronous Data Entry, 2) Integrated Mobile Apps, 3) Page Design Configuration Tools

Quality Systems International Upgrade Special for WinLIMS Users** in the UK

Ramsey, New Jersey (April 13, 2016)

Quality Systems International has a special offer for all WinLIMS users in the UK to upgrade to the current versions of WinLIMS smart or web client. We would like to offer all WinLIMS users affected by the recent liquidation of Quality Systems International (UK) Limited an attractive upgrade/sidegrade path to the current version of WinLIMS. Choose from a powerful, state of the art web based system or a comprehensive 'one click away' forms based system! Or a combination of both, giving you real choices!

QSI Corporation recently learned that Quality Systems International (UK) Limited (a former distributor) is now in the process of closing (Source:

Importantly we, Quality Systems International Corp. and all it's subsidiaries, are in no way affiliated with Quality Systems International (UK) Limited, despite the similarity in names based on a former partnership agreement. As such, the insolvency of Quality Systems International (UK) Limited and its decision to liquidate does not affect Quality Systems International Corp. and it's subsidiaries in any way. We would also like to emphasize that Quality Systems International Corp. holds all rights on the WinLIMS software.

We do understand the concerns associated with the demise of Quality Systems International (UK) Limited and the plausible wish to deal with a financially sound, competent and powerful company who can protect your WinLIMS investment. QSI Corporation and its subsidiaries have continued to thrive and our familiarization with your current system will allow us to provide you with an affordable upgrade path and confidence that we'll be here for ongoing support, consultation and upgrade services.

Please contact us at and find out how we can help you!

Quality Systems International Announces UK Partnership

Ramsey, New Jersey (December 5, 2011)

Quality Systems International has agreed to a partnership with UK-based CCS Associates Limited. If obtaining support for your WinLIMS software has become a many-fold problem, please contact CCS to upgrade your support and update service to an Authorized QSI Partner. CCS will be responsible for providing local sales and direct support for all UK-based customers and will be happy to arrange an upgrade to the latest version of WinLIMS (WinLIMS v7) to all customers who upgrade their support service.

Quality Systems International Announces Austrian Partnership

Ramsey, New Jersey (December 5, 2011)

Quality Systems International has agreed to a partnership with Austrian-based LabsDomino. LabsDomino consulting experts focus a wealth of experience on the unique laboratory needs. This enables them to deliver the smartest technology solutions for your lab and achieve significant technology advantages for the customer. LabsDomino aims at optimizing and harmonizing processes of data flows utilizing adequate technology accelerators. LabsDomino offers:

  • A consistent team from start to finish
  • Practical laboratory experience to pursue progress and enhance solution quality Specialized LIMS software expertise and intricate product knowledge Proficient technical skills that support your IT resources and customization needs
  • Specific know-how on diverse development tools: Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL, .NET, C#, ASP, Delphi, C++, Java, XML, PHP, InfoMaker/Crystal Reports
  • Expertise in the WinLIMS Laboratory Information Management System software
  • Specific mining related services: Additional to laboratory environments and LIMS issues and due to the educational background of a part of our team we can additionally offer consulting services for mining solutions, in terms of exploration, investigations, mine site evaluation, raw material assessments and thereby focusing on the full mine production loop from quarry face to mill.

Quality Systems International Announces WinLIMS Cloud Edition

Ramsey, New Jersey (March 13, 2011)

Quality Systems International Corporation (QSI) today introduced WinLIMS Cloud Edition, a Software as a Service (SaaS) option for its world class WinLIMS software.

WinLIMS Cloud Edition is a web-based, remote-hosted application that allows laboratories to implement and use WinLIMS software while offloading system hosting and maintenance, reducing the need for internal IT resources. A tiered service structure starts with a remote-hosted system maintained and supported by QSI engineers. Additional service tiers are offered by QSI that include custom screen configuration, custom report design, software and database update management, data management, documentation, and training. Service tier options allow users to select the level of features, convenience, and pricing that best fits their organization’s staffing and budget requirements.

WinLIMS Cloud Edition’s enhanced web-based architecture ensures access to the software through most popular computing devices including notebooks, tablet PCs, and PDAs using a fully-functional browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.

Quality Systems International Announces LIMSMaps for WinLIMS™

LIMSMap Historical Result Graph (click to expand)
Ramsey, New Jersey (August 18, 2010)

Quality Systems International Corporation has released LIMSMaps for WinLIMS.NET™. This new software module integrates sampling location coordinates with other collected data to provide an informative and useful visual tool for recording, analyzing and interpreting the LIMS data using a standard, intuitive interface. LIMSMaps for WinLIMS.NET™can be used to simplify sample login, schedule sampling pick-up run, and to quickly access information for sampling sites.

WinLIMS.NET™, now configured and optimized for use with portable computing technologies like the iPad, gives users a complete mobile LIMS solution for conveniently logging and accessing data directly through their mobile computing devices. With the addition of LIMSMaps for WinLIMS.NET™ users can ensure their data is tagged with precise geographic coordinates.

Quality Systems International Announces WinLIMS.NET™ for the Apple iPad

WinLIMS.NET running on an iPad (click to enlarge)
Ramsey, New Jersey (April 15, 2010)

Quality Systems International Corporation has introduced WinLIMS.NET™ for the Apple iPad. This next generation of WinLIMS.NET™ represents the perfect marriage of technologies by combining a full featured web-based LIMS that includes ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) functionality with an elegantly designed portable device that is light-weight, quickly boots, has extensive battery life and with accessibility to networks and the Internet via Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

The synergy of the WinLIMS.NET™ and iPad technologies provides a practical and functional means for eliminating paper notebooks as lab workers, field samplers, plant operators, managers, sales, and technical support personnel can now conveniently access and log their data directly from the iPad. Expanded access to WinLIMS.NET™ using the iPad ensures that data is always up-to-date and immediately accessible throughout the organization and audit trails are guaranteed.

SAP Netweaver™ Certification

SAP Netweaver™ Certification
QSI is proud to announce that WinLIMS.NET™ (v7) has received Certification for use with SAP Netweaver™.

Certification ensures users of smooth integration between WinLIMS.NET™ and the popular SAP Enterprise Management Suite of software. The web services provided by both QSI and SAP work together in a seamless and highly configurable manner to allow inspection lot, product specification, lab results and customer information to flow between the two applications in an instantaneous manner to add great efficiency to your organization.