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WinLIMS™ Out of the Box is a unique product within the LIMS and Informatics market because you can actually install the software and begin processing samples within an hour of installation! Other LIMS vendors use this as a "catch phrase" to get your attention, but this is only possible with WinLIMS™ because of the outstanding depth and breadth of Standard Features that have been included in the software by virtue of our experience gained through implementing more that 800 successful implementations throughout the world within virtually all industry sectors.

The Out of the Box approach eliminates the need for expensive custom code and has the direct benefits to you of:

  • Reduced initial costs
  • Reduced ongoing costs
  • Quicker route to "going live"
  • Faster return on investment
  • Fellowship of a large user community

WinLIMS™ Out of the Box combined with our flexible and convenient Implementation Options and unique implementation and finance options (Rent, Lease, or Traditional Purchase) provide the only true "Off the Shelf" LIMS in the market. These options make QSI's technology available to all companies at a low cost and in a completely risk-free manner.

Why gamble with other vendors, when you can rent to try before you buy?