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Through extensive experience with over 800 labs using WinLIMS throughout the world, QSI has developed a high degree of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) functionality for a variety of different industry sectors. WinLIMS.NET™ is a sophisticated laboratory software package that can manage all of your sample workflow and business logic. WinLIMS.NET™ combines manual interaction with automated data integration for analytical instruments, ERP (e.g. SAP, JDE, Prism, etc.), process control, customer relations and project management systems to provide smooth and efficient flow of information within your organization. Comprehensive reporting of data is provided using Crystal Reports™ / Business Objects™ (a QSI business partner) and the Microsoft Office™ suite. If you prefer other reporting tools... don't worry, the WinLIMS.NET™ open architecture lets you use any other reporting tool that works with our supported databases (SQL Server™ and Oracle™).

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