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Quality Systems International is the world's leading innovator in LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software. Our WinLIMS software is used in over 800 organizations throughout the world to add productivity and savings by optimizing the flow of information to and through the laboratory. WinLIMS.NET™ provides all of the tools required to operate within full compliance with regulations such as FDA, GLP/GMP and EN 17025 or GLP / GMP to while ensuring a productive laboratory environment through the optimization of work processes.

WinLIMS is incredibly scalable which allows it to be used by very large multi-national companies such as Pepsico, Kraft, Cabot Corporation, Air Products, BMW, etc. who have hundreds of users located in multiple sites or by very small laboratories with only a handful of users.

The flexibility of WinLIMS allows it to be used in laboratories of all types (QC, R&D, Analytical Service, Commercial Testing, etc.) and in a variety of industries (Chemical, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Physical Testing, Petrochemical, etc.). Please read on and explore the software products and services that are provided by QSI.

QSI employees have a well-balance understanding of laboratory operations and software development. This combination of talents ensures our customers that their needs can be translated into a successful and effective implementation. Personalized support and training ensure long-term payback for your investment.

By following the V-model approach to implementation, QSI has implemented hundreds of LIMS projects with great success on time and within budget. This demonstrable successes clearly differentiates QSI from any other LIMS vendor!