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Leasing is the easiest, most affordable way to keep up with the software demands of your laboratory operation. While technology will always be changing, not every laboratory has a budget readily available that lends itself to these changes. More and more laboratories are realizing the benefits of leasing as a cost effective means of acquiring up to date technology. That's why today, a fast-growing number of companies lease their LIMS software and leasing accounts for nearly a third of all capital equipment and software purchased in the U.S. each year.

100% Financing

Your lease can include the cost of software, training, installation, maintenance, sales tax, freight / shipping and other costs traditionally not included with bank financing. At the end of the lease, the licence is yours for a $1 buyout.

Minimal Upfront Costs

No large down payments or cash deposits are required with your Lab Equipment Finance lease. Your first and last payment is all that is needed to have your equipment delivered to you.

End of Term Flexibility

Leasing gives you the option to take ownership of the software, upgrade it, extend your lease and even include the support and upgrade service payments during the life of the lease.

Tax Advantages

With a Tax Lease, most businesses can write off 100% of the monthly payment as an operating expense. Also, leasing allows customers to pay for the software with pre-tax dollars rather than after-tax profits. Please consult your accountant about the tax treatment for your company.

Customized Payments

Your lease payments can be structured to match the monthly cash flow of your business or the economic useful life of the software which, in WinLIMS case, has proven to be in excess of 13 years. Leasing also offers terms longer than other forms of financing, which results in lower monthly payments.

Maximize your Cash Flow

Leasing allows you to preserve your working capital and bank lines for other operating expenses.

Avoid technological obsolescence

LEF bears the risk of technological change, which prevents you from owning outdated software. Upgrade provisions can be added to most leases, which are a simple way to hedge against obsolescence.

Logically speaking, there's really no reason to assume the high capital purchase cost of a LIMS when there are so many benefits gained by leasing the WinLIMS.NET software.

QSI uses the services of Marlin Leasing: [[1]]