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To provide the most personalized service, product support is handled locally for our customers. Within North America, all projects are assigned a Project Manager and a Lead Programmer to assist you with installation, implementation questions and other technical issues with your project.

If you are a North American customer you may contact us in the following ways:

facsimile 1.201.740.0905

Unauthorized Support Providers

It has come to the attention of QSI that former distributors of WinLIMS continue to offer support for WinLIMS in Europe, Australia and the South Pacific regions and are also suggesting that you convert to a new, untested system. These organizations are in violation of contract if they provide you with any software updates because they are legally prohibited from accessing or using the WinLIMS source code. It is highly likely that a cease and desist order will be issued to them in the near future which will eliminate their ability to provide you with support. QSI Corporation will honor your current support contract for the remainder of 2013 if you purchase a 2014 support contract. This will also provide you with the ability to upgrade your software to the WinLIMS v7 browser-based software and will make the move to a more functional and modern software smoother process than converting to a different system.

If you are located in Europe, Africa or the Middle East, please contact our European Headquarters for more detailed information and a quotation for support. If you are located in Australia or Southeast Asia, please contact the US Headquarters.

If you are outside North America, please contact one of our other regional offices.