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The System Size (Multi-Site) section of the survey reveals that WinLIMS.NET™ is the most successful LIMS within organizations that that have multiple sites (physical locations) or where external customers actively interact with the system by logging samples or requests and accessing data in a security-restricted manner.

The reason for the popularity of WinLIMS.NET™ within multi-site environments is based on a conceptual design that makes it a perfect fit. Some of the intrinsic design concepts that enable WinLIMS.NET™ to successfully support multiple sites within a single configuration include:

Combine the ability to implement multi-site systems with QSI's top-ranking for support and you can see that WinLIMS.NET™ is the only choice for large, multi-site systems.

Here's a brief listing of companies who have implemented WinLIMS at multiple sites:

Air Products & Chemicals [1] Akzo Nobel [2] Arch Chemicals [3]
Ashland Chemicals [4] Cabot Corporation [5] Enthone (Cookson) [6]
Graymont Mining [7] Lucite [8] Sartomer [9]
Rhodia [10] Taminco [11] Sun Chemicals [12]
Penreco [13] Shell Lubricants [14] Castrol [15]
Pepsico [16] Kraft [17] ACH Foods [18]
Quest Flavors & Fragrances [19] Master Foods [20] Ciba Chemicals [21]
Citgo [22] Cemex [23] Pennzoil [24]
Innophos [25] Gortons [26] and many more...

Note: The listing of QSI customers does not constitute and endorsement of WinLIMS or any QSI products or services.