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There are some things in this world that should be automated, such as the smooth flow of information to and through your laboratory, while other things, such as technical support from your LIMS vendor, should NOT be automated.

We've all been there... in phone mail hell trying to get through to a human being to try to get a problem resolved. QSI evaluated the type of support we get from our vendors. We determined that we hate automated support so much that we decided to eliminate it for our customers. We lose a great deal of efficiency because of the delay in obtaining critical information from our suppliers through the use of their automated voicemail, email and "self help" web site support systems. Often a 2 mintute conversation with an expert will save hours, days or even weeks of time. We couldn't pawn this support technique off onto our customers.

As you can see from the results of the survey QSI responds within 5 minutes with a REAL, BREATHING HUMAN BEING 100% of the time as compared to the industry average of 58.9%. We're not claiming that we'll solve your problem immediately; but at least you won't have to deal with the frustration of leaving messages on voice mail or email and wondering if the message was ever received and you won’t be told to search the web site for frequently asked questions. Our customer’s business is as important to QSI as it is to them and we have full respect for their valuable time and prove it through our personalized support.