Environmental Testing laboratories are responsible with the monumental task of keeping accurate records that reflect the safety of our environment. The accuracy and precision of the information acquired is critical, yet the ability to schedule, acquire, test and report the information needs to be done in an efficient manner. WinLIMS® is perfectly suited to address these requirements by providing all of the software tools needed process environmental samples accurately, efficiently and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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Meeting Your Environmental Laboratory Needs

WinLIMS® configurability and sample tracking features allow laboratories to schedule and closely monitor samples and their associated sampling source information (including GPS coordinates).

The integrity of data produced by the lab is assured by maintaining detailed result acquisition information including the analyst, equipment, standards & reagents that were employed when testing.

WinLIMS® includes data acquisition that interface with external systems, instruments and equipment to add efficiency and accuracy to the data collection process.

Off-site access to WinLIMS® via Mobile devices (tablets & smart phones) enhances efficiency, accuracy and timeliness by allowing off-site workers to create samples, enter field-obtained results and review existing data.

Powerful reporting and XML generation tools enable you to provide the reports in both hard copy and electronic format to accommodate virtually any existing or future need.

Test tubes filled with liquid
Soil being put into a test tube for environmental lab analysis

Our Current WinLIMS® Customers

WinLIMS® provides a series of tools that make it ideal for use within the Public Service & Environmental Safety Industry. A short listing of WinLIMS® users within the Public Service & Environmental Safety industries include:

Powerful LIMS Functionality

WinLIMS® provides all of the functionality that is required to run a modern laboratory right ‘out-of-the-box’ so you can start using your WinLIMS® software within hours of installation.

Icon role based security system

Role-Based Security System

WinLIMS® role-based security system can be integrated with Active Directory to limit users to only the information and functionality that is associated with their role within the laboratory to ensure the integrity of your data.

Icon version controlled configuration templates

Version-Controlled Configuration Templates

Test Methods, Test Sequences, Sampling Sites, and other information that is subject to re-versioning is managed within WinLIMS® ensure data accuracy and product quality with a full audit trail of all changes that are made.

Icon multiple sample login options

Multiple Sample Login Options

Samples can be manually created individually or in batches via PC, time-based schedule or handheld device by field samplers to accommodate the workflow of your operation. Creation of samples can also be initiated via interface to 3rd party applications to eliminate duplication of effort and user error.

Icon sample tracking workflow

Sample Tracking & Workflow

Laboratory workflow status are automatically assigned by WinLIMS® to guide samples to and through the laboratory. Dashboard web parts allow instant access to this information to efficiently monitor the progress of lab work and provide sample and expiration warnings.

Icon multiple results entry options

Multiple Results Entry Options

A variety of manual and automated results entry screens and tools allow results to be entered into WinLIMS® in a manner that is natural to your work environment. All data entry provides instantaneous feedback that indicate results that exceed permit or standard limits to allow rapid management decisions.

Icon test worklist management

Test Worklist Management

The ability to create and manage test and instrument-based worklists that intersperse calibration, control, and blank samples while allowing the assignment of duplicate and spike samples (with associated recovery calculations) is included to provide a full contextual representation of data acquisition.

Icon powerful calculation capabilities

Powerful Calculation Capabilities

WinLIMS® includes a powerful calculation engine that allow both simple and complex calculations to be performed based on the entry of raw data. The use of automated and validated calculations simplifies the entry of result while ensuring that all calculations are accurately and consistently performed.

Icon data review release

Data Review and Release

Multiple levels of peer and management review of test, worklist and sample information is provided to ensure that the release of information conforms with your organization’s policies. Multiple levels of approval with electronic signature sign-off is available, if desired.

Icon instrument calibration maintenance

Instrument Calibration & Maintenance

WinLIMS® includes an instrument/equipment management module that inventories all instruments to automatically schedule maintenance. In addition, all calibration and control information is captured and provides on-going statistical information to ensure the integrity of data that is obtained.

Icon online sqc spc charting

Online SQC/SPC Charting

Statistical evaluation of data using the Western Electric rules is immediately available at the time of results entry that allows process information to be evaluated to avoid production problems. On-line SQC charts can be issued with the click of a button to efficiently monitor historical information.

Icon integrated reporting

Integrated Reporting

A variety of site-specific reports are issued by passing information from any page or query to the report by the click of a single button. Reports can be saved in a variety of formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word, etc.) to simplify the sharing of information to consumers and allows them to receive the data in the format that is germane to their needs.

Icon external web based reporting

External Web-Portal

A Portal website can be added to WinLIMS® to allow external customers to create samples, monitor testing progress, and receive reports without disrupting the laboratory.

Icon instrument interfacing

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument data can be directly interfaced to WinLIMS® to eliminate data transcription errors while enhancing the productivity by eliminating manual data entry.

Icon integrated audit trail

Integrated Audit Trail

Modifications made to all data is recorded within the WinLIMS® audit trail which is essential for organizations that serve regulated industries. The audit trail also allows you to investigate issues that arise when data is erroneously modified.

Icon inventory management

Inventory Management

The Inventory and Sample Preparation feature manages the various chemicals, reagents and lab supplies used by the lab.  The materials can be tracked from order, to receipt, to use in preparation solutions to ensure full traceability.  In addition, expiration and inventory amounts are managed to ensure that supplies are always in-stock and expired materials are never used.

Icon microbiology testing

Microbiology Testing

WinLIMS® allows you to record the equipment and reagents that are used in conjunction with micro testing and schedules the incubation times to simplify workflow. The scheduling provides read time notifications while serial dilution calculations ensure that the correct information is recorded and reported.

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