Research and Development

WinLIMS® provides flexible features that are specifically designed for Research and Development laboratories in any industry. A requester can submit their own samples on-line, retrieve the status of their requests and have reports automatically issued when the lab has completed testing on the request, sample or individual test. R&D Labs also require the ability to locate records using free text searches, attach files, link to web pages, cross reference projects, and implement features and pages that are specific to their environment.

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Flexible Organization for the R&D Lab

R&D Laboratories have the unique need to define experiments and record the resulting information in a combination of well-defined and free-form format s yet maintain an organized structure for quick retrieval and reporting.

WinLIMS® solves this quandary by providing a combination of a highly configurable LIMS with Lab Notebook features that allow files of any type to be integrated into the database that can be retrieved using free text searches.  This combination of features simplifies the ability to share information and reduce duplication of effort by making past knowledge accessible.

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File Attachment & Free Text Searching

Files of any type (images, movies, PDFs, Word, Excel, etc.) can be easily attached to WinLIMS® records to associate information for quick retrieval.  WinLIMS includes a query tool (Smart Search) that allows rapid retrieval of information using words and phrases by simultaneously searching the database records and attachments to locate records that would be irretrievable from notebooks or network files.

Icon configurable page designs

Configurable Page Designs

Pages and the underlying tables that manage data can be designed and modified throughout the life of the system to allow you to dynamically change the system as your needs change without costly code modification.

Icon product formulation management

Product Formulation Management

Experimental formulations can be recorded within WinLIMS® which records the individual ingredients, supplier, material lot, and amounts and serve as a repository for future reference.  In addition to retaining the ingredients, the process steps can also be recorded.  The material produced by the formulation can be cross-referenced with test results that are obtained to allow formulations to be optimized to produce a product with the desired properties.

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Project Management

A Project Management tool is included within WinLIMS® to organize work for easy retrieval and reporting.  A security feature enables you to identify project team members and securely restrict access to data associated with those projects to project team members only.

Our Current WinLIMS Customers

Many companies like you are using WinLIMS within their R&D laboratories. Some laboratories include just a handful of users while others are implemented within multiple sites throughout the world with local language interfaces to enable more natural use of the software. Here’s a partial list of WinLIMS users within R&D labs.

Powerful LIMS Functionality

WinLIMS provides all of the functionality that is required to run a modern laboratory right ‘out-of-the-box’ so you can start using your WinLIMS software within hours of installation.

Icon role based security system

Role-Based Security System

WinLIMS® role-based security system can be integrated with Active Directory to limit users to only the information and functionality that is associated with their role within your organization to ensure the integrity of your data.

Icon project level security

Project Level Security

Requests and their associated samples and testing information can be restricted to a set of team members that are associated with a Project to add a security layer to information that is deemed to be confidential.

Icon multiple sample login options

Multiple Sample Login Options

Sample requests can be manually as a group, individually, via PC or handheld device to accommodate the workflow of your operation. Creation of samples can also be initiated via interface to 3rd party applications (e.g., Excel, ERP systems) to eliminate duplication of effort and user error and enhance the organization’s workflow.

Icon sample tracking workflow

Sample Tracking & Workflow

Work assignment to individuals or lab groups and testing status are automatically monitored using by WinLIMS® to guide samples to and through the laboratory.  In addition, turnaround times are captured for all significant tasks to produce critical KPI information.  Dashboard web parts allow instant access to this information to efficiently monitor the progress of lab work and performance.

Icon multiple results entry options

Multiple Results Entry Options

A variety of manual and automated results entry screens and tools allow results to be entered into WinLIMS® in a manner that is natural to your work environment including direct entry or import from spreadsheets.

Icon result sample production review

Request & Test Review

Multiple levels of peer and management review of test, sample and overall request information is provided to ensure that the release of information has been properly reviewed. If appropriate, access to information associated with research requests, samples and tests can be restricted until released by the lab.

Icon time management

Time Management

Individual user time spent on specific projects, requests, samples and/or tests can be recorded within WinLIMS® to provide an internal accounting of the costs associated with the work performed and improve the overall management of projects and lab staff.

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ELN Capabilities

Files of any type (e.g., images, spreadsheets, PDFs, documents, etc.) can be associated with requests, samples, experiments and tests to provide all information that is associated with your research work.  In addition, free text searching of both the database records and attached documents is supported by WinLIMS® to make locating historical information fast & easy.

Icon instrument calibration maintenance

Instrument Calibration & Maintenance

WinLIMS® includes an instrument/equipment management module that inventories all instruments to automatically schedule maintenance. In addition, all calibration and control information is captured and provides on-going statistical information to ensure the integrity of data that is obtained.

Icon calendar display

Calendar Display

WinLIMS® includes a unite calendar tool that allows time-based information to be displayed in a convenient calendar display.  This can be used to review work assignments to staff members, request and project progress, critical due dates and other information that assists in the efficient management of the lab.

Icon powerful reporting

Powerful Reporting

Reports can be automatically issued to request or project distribution lists by the click of a single button. Reports can be delivered in a variety of formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word, etc.) to allow the recipients to receive the data in their desired format.  In addition, all supporting files (e.g., images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, etc.) can be included as attachments to supplement the reports.

Icon inventory management

Inventory Management

The Inventory and Sample Preparation feature manages the various chemicals, reagents and lab supplies used by the lab.  The materials can be tracked from order, to receipt, to use in preparation solutions to ensure full traceability.  In addition, expiration and inventory amounts are managed to ensure that supplies are always in-stock and expired materials are never used.

Icon inherently multi lingual

Inherently Multi-Lingual

WinLIMS® menus and pages are inherently multi-lingual. This allows users within multi-national laboratories to see the menus, pages, messages, etc. in local language for more comfortable use. In addition, the software automatically offsets time zone differences and presents dates and numbers based on the culture of the local country adding to the ease of use.

Icon integrated audit trail

Integrated Audit Trail

Modifications made to all data is recorded within the WinLIMS® audit trail which is essential for organizations that serve regulated industries. The audit trail also allows you to investigate issues that arise when data is erroneously modified.

Icon customer portal

Submitter/Customer Access

External submitters/customers have the ability to submit their own requests and review released information as it becomes available.  This feature adds efficiency by eliminating duplication of effort, allows the submitters to monitor the progress of their requests and provides instant access to released information.

Icon configurable data folders

User-Configurable Data Folders

Projects, Requests, Samples and other information can be presented within a dynamic folder structure to make the organization and retrieval of information fast and convenient.

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