Annual Support Contracts

An annual support contract protects your investment in WinLIMS® by providing remedies for anomalies in the core software that are encountered by you or any other WinLIMS® customer. Fixes are applied to your system by QSI when authorized to do so. More importantly, you will receive updates to new versions of the software as they become available, so you’ll never suffer from the high cost and pain of obsolescence.

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Avoid Obsolescence

Technology has changed dramatically since QSI first introduced WinLIMS® in 1993. Throughout the changes in operating systems, databases, networks, and the introduction of web technology our very first WinLIMS™ customer has maintained their support and are enjoying the most up-to-date version of web based WinLIMS®.

You’d never own a house or a car without insurance, so why not insure WinLIMS® where you get far more for the money spent? Unlike home and car insurance, you will get a bright, shiny new WinLIMS® every few years and avoid:

  • The cost of the new software
  • The vendor implementation cost of a new system
  • The cost of developing new reports and exports
  • The cost of developing new instrument interfaces
  • The cost of developing new interfaces to 3rd party systems
  • The cost of internal staff required to implement the new system
  • The cost of re-training your staff on the use of the new system
  • The cost of data loss when implementing the new system

And at the end of it all… you’ll have to pay support for the new system anyway.

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