Help Desk Service

WinLIMS® Help Desk Pack allows QSI experts to help interactively manage your system on an as-needed basis. Services include system configuration changes, on-going training, customization, site-specific documentation, assistance with database and network management, etc.  This service is flexible, convenient, and cost efficient since you can choose to use the services whenever you need it.

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WinLIMS® Experts On-Call

Staffing limitations often restrict your organization to have an expert available to manage comprehensive software systems such as WinLIMS®.   It these cases, it is more cost-effective and efficient to outsource system related work that is not covered under the software update and support contract.  WinLIMS® Help Desk allows QSI experts to provide the following on-line services:

  • Training or the answering of ‘How To’ questions
  • Site-specific documentation
  • Configuration services
  • Report writing services
  • Customization services
  • Testing services
  • Network and database management services
  • Consultation meetings for system modifications and system review
  • Instrument and 3rd party integration services
  • Any other work that is not covered under the standard support contract
Technician analyzing data from LIMS software

Continuous Enhancements

All organizations have ever-changing needs and having the ability to enhance your system is critical in today’s competitive world.  The WinLIMS® Help Desk Service provides you with a dedicated Project Manager who has intimate knowledge of your implementation who will interactively with you on remote sessions to rapidly enhance to your system to ensure that your system accommodates these on-going enhancements to better serve your organization.

Continuous Education

WinLIMS® is a sophisticated and comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System and takes time to master.  The WinLIMS® Help Desk Service can be used to provide continuous education in the form of remote training sessions that will allow you to add expertise for the subject matters that will enhance your ability to manage the system.  Training can be performed for as many staff members as required on subject such as Report Design, Page Design, Database Management, Web Part Design, etc.  By having local knowledge you’ll be able to exploit the power of WinLIMS® to better serve your organization in a cost-efficient manner.

Technician analyzing data from LIMS software
Several lab technicians

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