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The push toward excellence in today’s business world demands an increase in quality, efficiency and governmental regulation in laboratory settings. These forces combine to increase the number of necessary sample tests which greatly increases the stress on the laboratory. The drive for unparalleled quality is counterbalanced by the pragmatic need to reduce costs for laboratory services. As a result of these pressures, automation of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity for all labs, regardless of size.

The objective of WinLIMS Charter Edition is to provide an affordable solution to small and mid-size labs who could never before justify the cost of a LIMS, even though the need exists.

World class WinLIMS will replace the cumbersome paper, spreadsheet or home grown system that you currently use. Immediate access to data via WinLIMS allows you to apply analytical metrics and statistical analysis to lab data.

Summary of the WinLIMS Charter Edition

QSI’s Out-of-the-Box LIMS Rental Program - Modest Price with Mammoth Benefits…

For your Lab:

  • Greater accuracy of data
  • Automatic report generation (e.g. COAs, Off--spec, etc.)
  • Immediate company- wide access to information
  • Simplified validation of data & processes
  • Automated record- keeping for regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced data security
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved internal resource management
  • And more…

For your Company:

  • Improve the quality of your products & services
  • Improve your production processes
  • Enhance formulation development
  • Reduce materials costs
  • and more...

Of Software Rental in General:

  • Low monthly cost
  • Short setup time
  • Operating cost vs. capital expense (possible tax advantage)
  • No long term contract commitment
  • No risk solution

-The typical monthly cost is less than $1,000-

What Does WinLIMS Include?

Basic functions of WinLIMS Charter Edition include:

  • Single Sample Login
  • Batch/ Analytical Request Sample Login
  • Automatic Sample Login
  • Sample Receipt (screen or barcode)
  • Work Assignment (manual or automatic)
  • Worklist Generation (by lab, person, instrument or batch)
  • Manual Results Entry (during sample login, by sample, by test method, by batch, by crosstab)
  • Results Calculations (simple and complex)
  • Data Review & Approval (by sample, test method or batch)
  • Instrument Calibration & Maintenance
  • Product Specification Management
  • Training Management
  • Security System
  • Complaints and Corrective Actions
  • Methods Management
  • Automatic Sample Scheduling
  • Statistical and Graphical Analysis
  • Contacts Management
  • LIMS Events for Automated Reporting
  • And much more…

Additional options tailored to specific industries include:

  • Customer Specification and Product Regrade
  • Integrated QA/QC Batching
  • Document Control
  • Automatic Data Acquisition
  • Remote Access by Internet
  • Formulation Management
  • Quotations & Invoicing

WinLIMS: Immediate Return – Low Risk

WinLIMS Charter Edition provides quick implementation of WinLIMS software at very low cost, giving you a huge competitive edge. WinLIMS includes installation programs, tutorials & training aids to eliminate the high implementation costs encountered with other LIMS. You can also cancel the rental with a month's notice, which gives you a unique opportunity to add the benefits of WinLIMS without the risks traditionally associated with LIMS software. Rental agreements can be converted to a standard lease or a full purchase at any time.

The monthly rental fee includes WinLIMS software licenses, a 5-incident support pack and copy Microsoft SQLServer 2005 Express edition (in case you don’t have an existing SQL database). A nominal one-time fee is charged to cover administration costs and Business Objects Crystal Report Design license.

Cost Justification - Do the Math!

The value of lab information compels companies to spend millions of dollars implementing LIMS. Although some benefits can be directly measured using time/motion studies, immeasurable benefits are derived by the immediate availability of useful information. This allows your manufacturing and management staff to make informed decisions that reduce wasted time and materials while providing better service to customers. You can now reap these benefits at a small fraction of the cost with no risk with WinLIMS Charter Edition. Your return will be enormous!

The following are actual numbers from a small laboratory that just implemented WinLIMS:

  • The company has 250 Product Specifications
  • On average, ships 20 lots of product per day
  • Customers require SQC reports for their products
  • Management requires monthly productivity & summary reports
  • The lab uses 20 instruments that are scheduled for calibration & maintenance with continuous control charts
  • The average compensation package for a lab professional (total of salary & benefits) is $75,000 per year
  • Their WinLIMS monthly rental fee is $1,000

Look at the return from one WinLIMS function: automated reporting. These time/motion numbers were directly calculated after WinLIMS replaced the lab’s error-prone and time-consuming Excel-based data management system.

Report Type Qty Time Saved Days/Yr Savings/Yr
COA 20/day 5 min ea 250 25,000 min
SQC 25/yr 10 min ea 1 2,500 min
Management 5/mo 15 min ea 12 900 min
Off-Spec 1/day 10 min ea 250 2,500 min
Instrument 20/mo 15 min ea 12 3,600 min

The realized savings for automated reporting alone is over $1,800 per month for a $1,000 WinLIMS investment!

This doesn’t include improvements to production efficiency, customer service, and information accessibility which are the REAL benefits of WinLIMS!

Can WinLIMS Do the Job?

With almost 20 years of experience and over 800 successful WinLIMS installations worldwide, QSI has developed a comprehensive, multifunctional LIMS that will satisfy any lab. WinLIMS systems range in size from a single user to over 500 concurrent users on five continents.

The following is a partial list of WinLIMS users:

Pepsico, Kraft, Master Foods, Rhodia, Air Products, BASF, BMW, Cabot, Akzo Nobel, Boston Scientific, Castrol, Shell, FMC, Jergens, Michelin, Rohm & Haas, Merck, Fuji, Sun Chemical, Coca-Cola, Quest, Estee Lauder, Exxon Mobil, Pennzoil and more…

QSI’s unrivalled experience has been distilled into the first truly feature rich Out-of-the-Box LIMS package, capable of satisfying the diverse but specific needs of a wide range of laboratories. This technology allows us to offer the powerful efficiency-enhancement tool at a low cost so that WinLIMS is now affordable for ALL laboratories.

WinLIMS Support

QSI gives you access to our support website, which allows you to easily report any issues you may encounter via the web. Issues are automatically allocated and prioritized. This gives you the assurance that QSI will immediately act to resolve any critical issues that may disrupt your business. As soon as issues are resolved, you download the updates from the support site for immediate implementation.

QSI uses Citrix interactive ‘GoToMeeting’ to provide remote control support with secure connectivity. Remote control support is the most efficient way for QSI to show our functionality to you, and for you to show us your issues to provide fast resolution. In effect, you’ll have a QSI support staff member on your site at all times!

When you subscribe to WinLIMS Charter Edition, you’re free to download all software updates as they become available, so your software will never become obsolete. This feature is not provided by any other LIMS at any price!