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When implementing new software (such as WinLIMS.NET™) user acceptance is a major concern. Within many laboratories users have become accustomed to using Microsoft Excel as a tool for recording information which has made it a defacto standard through its wide use. Although Excel is a great tool for entering data and performing calculations, it is severely lacking in its ability to act as a data repository for quick recall and reporting. In addition, when used on its own, Excel is inherently insecure.

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WinLIMS.NET™ Interactive Excel allows you to get the best of both worlds. End users can continue to use the familiar Microsoft Excel software for results entry, but instead of saving the data in an insecure and isolated spreadsheet, the results are saved to WinLIMS.NET™ in a seamless manner to provide an organized, audited data repository that can be used to better manage your company.

Individual samples or sets of samples can be selected from within WinLIMS.NET™ and a well organized spreadsheet will be created into which results can be entered. The spreadsheet will include any associated limits and will include the appropriate rounding and calculation rules to provide instantaneous feedback during the results entry process. When the spreadsheet is saved, the results are saved to WinLIMS.NET™ where they will become instantly available for reporting, statistical evaluation or instant integration with other corporate systems.

Interactive Excel can be used to create a variety of different types of worksheets that organize data entry in a configurable manner that accommodates your workflow requirements including:

  • Analytical batches that associate a discreet set of samples and standards run on a specific instrument
  • Field sampling worksheets for downloading to Tablet or Pocket PCs for field data collection
  • Worksheets for individual production batches
  • Worksheets for individual analytical requests
  • Worksheets for individual outstanding tests
  • Worksheets for specific labs
  • and much more...

The spreadsheets can be taken "off-line" for data entry to provide a convenient, standard tool for remote data entry. The spreadsheets can be placed on a Tablet or Laptop into the field which is ideal for environmental laboratories where field sampling and testing is a must. The spreadsheet will provide a worklist for sample pickup and a tool for entering field results to ensure that all samples are taken and results recorded while eliminating the time and error that occurs when transcribing data from paper to computer. An additional benefit is that it also provides an automated chain of custody for the samples taken in the field and their associated recorded results.