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The course is designed to first teach end use of the software just as you might train your staff on its operation and, once mastered, understand the underlying structure of the system with respect to the web page configuration, database configuration and report management. Finally, we’ll discuss the upgrade process that will convert your current data to WinLIMS.NET.

The first course will be held December 10 - 12, 2007 at our New Jersey Office

To register, contact Craig Redd

Phone Number:


Day 1 – System Navigation and Management

The first day will consist of

  1. Navigation tools
    1. Query Options
    2. Dashboards
    3. Tree View Menus
  2. Configuration
    1. Method Manager
      1. Basic & Advanced Calculations
      2. Menu Choices
    2. Sample Type Manager
      1. Method Subclasses
      2. Customer Specifications
    3. Lookup Manager
  3. Sample Management
    1. Single Sample Login & Receipt
    2. Group Sample Login & Receipt
    3. Results Entry
      1. By Sample
      2. By Method
      3. By Excel Spreadsheet
    4. Sample Review
      1. Interactive, real-time SQC
      2. Results Validation (verification)
      3. Sample Disposition (approve, reject, etc.)
    5. Report Generation
  4. User Management
    1. Creating New Users
    2. Assigning Roles to Users
    3. Assigning Sites to Users
    4. Setting User Preferences

Day 2 – System Design and Configuration

The second day will concentrate on the architecture of the software itself. This includes a discussion and description of the web pages that are used by the software and the modifications that can be made to the markup files that enable a high degree of user configuration. The database structure and configuration tools are also reviewed.

  1. WinLIMS.NET web page file review
    1. General configuration file – database connection and system default settings
    2. Site Master file – menu structure definition and security assignments
    3. Standard page mark-up files – end user display and security assignments
  2. WinLIMS.NET database structure
    1. General review of the table relationships
    2. Configuration and settings within the WINLIMS_INI table
    3. Changes from previous version(s)
      1. Eliminated tables
      2. Audit trail
      3. Use of triggers & stored procedures
    4. WinLIMS ‘Bridge’ Module (this is an optional module that is used to simplify interfaces to 3rd party software that is not included in the update, but highly recommended)
    5. Creation of !SQLX stored functions for complex calculations

Day 3 – Business Objects and Crystal Reports / The Upgrade Process

The use of Crystal Reports and the Business Objects web tool are described. The design of reports using Crystal Reports XI has not changed much, so only a brief discussion is required. Business Objects is a web-based report and file management system. Your reports are ‘registered’ into Business Objects and can be run directly from the stand-alone Business Objects web page or can be integrated with WinLIMS.NET to be run from there as well. The upgrade process (data conversion, conversion of custom software, etc.) will be discussed.

  1. Crystal Reports XI designer review
  2. Business Objects Software
    1. Architecture
    2. Report & File Management
    3. End user Access to the Report & File Page(s)
    4. Integration with WinLIMS.NET
  3. WinLIMS.NET Upgrade process
    1. OTS (Off the Shelf) Systems
    2. Customized Systems
      1. Rationalization of customization
      2. Applying alternate approaches to current customization
    3. End user considerations (it doesn’t look the same)


The cost for the course is $2,000 per person. This includes training materials, continental breakfast and lunch. It does not include any travel and living expense.

If you have any questions; please feel free to call.